End Of Season Announcement


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Apr 2, 2021
Seasons End
Hey guys just checking in to announce the end of the season. This season went well for us for the first week and it was a real eye opener into what we had created. With over 100 unique players and only 5 bans throughout launch we class this as a successful beta. That's what it always was... a beta. However the server had a stable player base the first week things died off and its now come to our attention its time to close this map.

FEAR NOT The sever isn't done!

We shall be closing for maintenance for 4 weeks to completely revamp Axial! I understand many of you may think 4 weeks is a long time however this will give us time to completely revamp for season 2, introduce youtubers and other creators as well as take feedback from you to add new exciting things! Season 2 will launch on Friday 9th July at 3PM EST, 8PM BST. A post will be made around 2 weeks before that launch.

THIS SEASONS STATS The winning faction this season was SwagEmpire $72,000,000+ /f top value with Dxnii being the most rich on the server with $13,000,000+ to his name! Well done!

What will be kept on reset

  • Ranks (yes even those obtained from crates)
  • /Gkits
  • Titles
  • Disguises
  • Anything permission based
What will be lost on reset
  • Money / balances
  • /f top value
  • Faction names and claims
  • /pv items
  • player inventories
  • enderchests
  • mobcoins
  • Lootboxes
Another post will be made in a few weeks about the season.