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Apr 2, 2021
Greetings Adventurers!
As release comes nearer we are preparing the final touches for Friday. This mega thread includes all features you can expect to see on release this Friday the 28th at 3PM EST.
Please note: The hub is open as of right now and the factions realm opens at 3PM EST. Join the discord for more information.

Faction Permissions
Faction permissions allow you to keep control of your faction and control every aspect of your Faction, Allys, Truces, Enemies and neutrals.

f perms.PNG

Custom Enchants

Like basically every faction server, we too have custom enchantments. Custom enchantments enhance the game and allow for a more custom experience. We currently have 107 enchantments and they can all be access via purchasing using XP in game from the /enchanter.

Don't like an enchantment rune that you got? Throw it in the /tinkerer and turn it into dust!

We host 4 Gkits all suited to certain needs on the server. Gkits can be purchased from the server store (you will receive the gem 100% chance) or obtained from Mythical reward loot tables.


Printer Allowed
Printing is allowed this season. Please read the rules here so you know exactly what is allowed regarding printing.

Gen Buckets
Gen Buckets can be purchased from the /shop and cost the same amount as 255 of the item x 2

Daily Events
The server hosts daily events for you to earn cash and XP. These events will be labelled via a bar on the top of the screen so you know exactly what event is active.

Custom Bosses
There are four bosses currently active that automatically spawn inside the warzone every day. Up to 3 bosses a day spawn and each give their own rewards to the top 3 that kill it.
Each boss has its own rarity and in turn drops a certain tier reward. Elite bosses drop Elite crates, and Mythical drop Mythical crates etc. You can find out more about bosses by using /help boss in game.

Server Log
We can keep track of every aspect of the server using our newly developed server log. Worried about losing an item due to a bug? Don't worry because its all logged on our system.

The warzone is our main PvP arena style region. The warzone is split into 3 parts, KOTH, The Pit and The outpost.

  • The Pit is a mob arena that spawns Bandits every 3 minutes. Each bandit drops a set of cash from $500-$700 with Evil Spiders dropping $1.5k each. This is a great way to earn cash.
  • KOTH takes place every Tuesday at 5PM GMT and Thursday at 5PM EST. The winning faction is the one that caps the KOTH for 15 minutes and earns the reward.
  • The Outpost is located on the south side of the warzone. The Outpost is a 24/7 event and anyone can cap the outpost.
The Outpost
The Outpost is can be caped by anyone at any time and can be taken from controlling factions. The faction who control the Outpost will receive:
  • +$25k every 15 minutes
  • 2x DMG in faction land
  • 2x spawner spawn rate
  • 2x sell shop
Mob Coins
Grind rewards using mob coins. Killing hostile mobs will give you a random amount of mob coins. You can then purchase rewards from the mobcoin shop using /mobcoins shop or /mcs.
Below is the list of coins you will receive from each hostile mob and their drop chance.

  • Zombie - 25% - 1.25/3
  • Skeleton - 25% - 1.25/3
  • Spider - 26% - 3/5
  • Cave Spider - 26% - 3/5
  • Blaze - 26% - 5/7
  • PigZombie - 26% - 5/7
  • Witch - 25% - 7/10


Gain specific perks from attaching masks onto your helmet. Masks can be obtained via chests and loot tables. Masks can be dragged onto a helmet to attached it and right clicked to remove the mask. Learn more about masks by using /help masks in game.


Inventory pets allow you to unlock certain abilities and perks by clicking them. Level your pet up via candy or by using it to increase the perks ability.

Battle Pass

100 free tiers each with their own reward. Level up your battle pass by simply playing the server and completing challenges. This is 100% free for all players and can not be progressed by purchasing items.

No Potion shop
Potions must be brewed! This adds a dynamic where you have to have make your resources for PvP.

No God Apples
Regular golden apples are still in the game.

Free VIP Rank
Due to the mistakes and push backs we have decided to allow everyone to claim a free VIP rank on their main account. It is limited to one per player and if this is abused you may be removed from the server. In order to claim your free VIP simply head over to the
store and click VIP. Add to basket and checkout. In the coupon section type VIP and apply. This will then become a free purchase. Put the necessary details in the box's required and purchase. (You will not need to put any payment information inside the box's). This offer only lasts until Monday 31st May.

200$ Payout
The faction that wins the season on /f top will be rewarded with $200 paypal at the end of the 2 month season. In order to qualify your faction must have a paypal setup in /f paypal. Read the rules
here for more information.

2 Month Season
The season will start on Friday 28th May at 3PM EST and end on Friday 23rd July at 3PM EST.

Want to earn yourself a Unique crate? Reupload our trailer and description (inside the trailer video) on YouTube. Post your IGN in your description so we can give you your crate upon login.

45% Sale on all packages
Active until Monday 31st


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